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Eight Is Enough?: The Ethics of the California Octuplets Case
Christian Bioethics (2012)
  • Scott R. Paeth, DePaul University

The recent California octuplets case raises a number of important issues that need to be addressed in the context of the increasingly widespread practice of in vitro fertilization. This paper explores some of those issues as looked at from the perspective of protestant theological ethics and public theology, examining the moral responsibilities of the various participants in the process, both before and after the octuplets’ birth, including the mother, her doctors, the health care bureaucracy, the wider society, and the media. Each of these participants failed in significant respects to consider the ethical implications of the births in this complicated case.

Publication Date
Fall November, 2012
Citation Information
Scott R. Paeth. "Eight Is Enough?: The Ethics of the California Octuplets Case" Christian Bioethics (2012)
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