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Applying Cultural Anthropology, 8th edition
Sociology & Anthropology Faculty Book and Media Gallery
  • Aaron Podolefsky
  • Peter Brown
  • Scott Lacy, Fairfield University

Co-editors: Aaron Podolefsky, Peter Brown, Scott Lacy

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Scott Lacy is a co-editor and a contributing author, "Moral Fibers of Farmer Collectives: Combating Poverty with Cotton in Southern Mali." Book description: The ninth edition of Applying Cultural Anthropology: An Introductory Reader is a collection of articles that provide compelling examples of applied research in cultural anthropology. In this age of globalization and increased cultural intolerance, the basic messages of public anthropology are more important than ever. This new edition offers ten new readings that refer to contemporary social issues such as religious belief, work and family, social class, food production, relationships, consumerism, the effects of climate change on culture, and globalization.
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Podolefsky, Aaron, Peter Brown, & Scott Lacy. Applying Cultural Anthropology, 8th ed. 2009 New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Aaron Podolefsky, Peter Brown and Scott Lacy. "Applying Cultural Anthropology, 8th edition" (2009)
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