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Invertibility of Submatrices of Pascal's Matrix and Birkhoff Interpolation
  • Scott N. Kersey, Georgia Southern University
The infinite (upper triangular) Pascal matrix is T = [ ji] for 0 ≤ i, j. It is easy to see that that submatrix T (0 : n, 0 : n) is triangular with determinant 1, hence in particular, it is invertible. But what about other submatrices T (r, x) for selections r = [r0, . . . , rd] and x = [x0, . . . , xd] of the rows and columns of T ? The goal of this paper is provide a necessary and sufficient condition for invertibility based on a connection to polynomial interpolation. In particular, we generalize the theory of Birkhoff interpolation and P¨olya systems, and then adapt it to this problem. The result is simple: T (r, x) is invertible iff r ≤ x, or equivalently, iff all diagonal entries are nonzero.
  • Pascal matrix
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Scott N. Kersey. "Invertibility of Submatrices of Pascal's Matrix and Birkhoff Interpolation" 2013
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