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About Scott E. Johnson

I have a wide range of interests in the general fields of tectonics and structural geology. I have worked on plate margin evolution, pluton emplacement, magmatic ring complexes, development of sedimentary basins, tectonic evolution of magmatic arcs and mountain belts, glacial flow, and a variety of structural and microstructural problems in deformed igneous and metamorphic rocks. More recently, I have become interested in numerical and analog approaches to understanding the relations between the mechanical and microstructural evolution of rocks and ice. I enjoy multidisciplinary projects, and have a particular interest in combining studies of deformation, metamorphism and magmatism to better understand the evolution of Earth’s crust. I take a fairly holistic approach with my students and their projects. Most of them tend to include elements of field work, laboratory analytical analyses, structural and microstructural modeling, and geodynamics (with Peter Koons).


Present Professor and Chair of Earth Sciences, University of Maine School of Earth and Climate Sciences

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Contact Information

Phone: 207-581-2142
Fax: 207-581-2202
Department of Earth Sciences
5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center
Room 208
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5790


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