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Photonic Switching Fabrics Based on S-SEED Arrays
Photonic Switching II
  • Harvard Scott Hinton, Utah State University
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Book Chapter
K. Tada & H. S. Hinton
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This book outlines the current status of research in photonic switching and details the latest scientific achievements and trends in this field. The topics treated include guided-wave devices, optically controlled devices, space-division switching, free-space and wavelength-based switching and devices, and packet switching. Several contributions provide a broad overview of some of the most rapidly developing areas, such as optical amplifiers, nonlinear optical devices, and free-space digital optics. This is an ideal reference book for researchers wishing to learn about and understand the recent rapid progress in photonic switching.
Originally published by Springer Verlag. Chapter fulltext not available online.
Citation Information
H. S. Hinton et al, "Photonic Switching Fabrics Based on S-SEED Arrays," Photonic Switching II, K. Tada and H. S. Hinton eds., Springer-Verlag, 1990, pp. 30-39.