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4x4 Vertical-Cavity-Surface- Emitting Laser (VCSEL) and Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (MSM) Optical Backplane Demonstrator System
Applied Optics
  • D. V. Plant
  • B. Robertson
  • Harvard Scott Hinton, Utah State University
  • M. H. Ayliffe
  • G. C. Boisset
  • W. Hsiao
  • D. Kabal
  • N. K. Kim
  • Y. S. Liu
  • M. R. Otazo
  • D. Pavlasek
  • A. Z. Shang
  • J. Simmons
  • K. Song
  • D. A. Thompson
  • W. M. Robertson
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Optical Society of America
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We describe a system demonstrator based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, metal–semiconductor–metal detectors, printed circuit board (PCB) level optoelectronic device packaging, a compact bulk optical relay, and novel barrel/PCB optomechanics. The entire system was constructed in a standard VME electrical backplane chassis and was capable of operating at >1.7 Gbit/s of aggregate data capacity. In addition to the component technologies developed, we describe operational testing and characterization of the demonstrator.

Originally published by the Optical Society of America. Publisher's PDF available through remote link.
Citation Information
D.V. Plant, B. Robertson, H.S. Hinton, M.H. Ayliffe, G.C. Boisset, W. Hsiao, D. Kabal, N.K. Kim, Y.S. Liu, M.R. Otazo, D. Pavlasek, A.Z. Shang, J. Simmons, K. Song, D.A. Thompson, and W.M. Robertson. "4x4 Vertical-Cavity-Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) and Metal-Semiconductor- Metal (MSM) Optical Backplane Demonstrator System," Applied Optics, Vol. 35, pp. 6365-6368 (1996).