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A Complexity Analysis of Smart Pixel Switching Nodes for Photonic Extended Generalized Shuffle Switching Networks
Journal of Quantum Electronics
  • Thomas J. Cloonan
  • Gaylord W. Richards
  • Anthony L. Lentine
  • Frederick B. McCormick
  • Harvard Scott Hinton, Utah State University
  • Stephen J. Hinterlong
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This paper studies the architectural tradeoffs found in the use of smart pixels for nodes within photonic switching interconnection networks are discussed. The particular networks of interest within the analysis are strictly nonblocking extended generalized shuffle (EGS) networks. Several performance metrics are defined for the analysis, and the effect of node size on these metrics is studied. Optimum node sizes are defined for each of the performance metrics and system-level limitations are identified.

Originally published by IEEE. Publisher's PDF can be accessed through the IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics.
Citation Information
T. J. Cloonan, G. W. Richards, A. L. Lentine, F. B. McCormick, H. S. Hinton, and S. J. Hinterlong, "A complexity analysis of smart pixel switching nodes for photonic extended generalized shuffle switching networks," Journal of Quantum Electronics, Vol. 29, No. 2, February 1993, pp. 619-634.