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The Challenge of Comparative Civil Procedure
Alabama Law Review (2008)
  • Scott Dodson

This Review Essay, solicited by the Alabama Law Review, reviews "Civil Litigation in Comparative Context" (West 2007), by Oscar G. Chase, Helen Hershkoff, Linda Silberman, Yasuhei Taniguchi, Vincenzo Varano, and Adrian Zuckerman. It also identifies some areas of exceptionalist American civil procedure that recently have been converging towards global norms and argues that those convergences, if they continue, could render comparative studies particularly meaningful.

  • comparative law,
  • comparative procedure,
  • civil procedure,
  • punitive damages,
  • twombly,
  • pleading standards,
  • case management
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Citation Information
Scott Dodson, The Challenge of Comparative Civil Procedure, 60 Alabama Law Review 133 (2008) (solicited review essay)