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Subverting Racial Stereotypes by Affirming Nuclear Family Stereotypes
Star Trek: The Mental Frontier (2016)
  • Scott T. Allison
  • James K. Beggan
In Star Trek's Deep Space Nine, Benjamin Sisko commands a space station located in the most strategically important part of the galaxy, and he must shepherd the crew of the station through a long and violent war against an intractable enemy that threatens the survival of the human race. Despite the obvious demands and pressures of this command position, Sisko shows a steadfast commitment to parenting his son Jake. Sisko's popularity as a father in Deep Space Nine is so great that he is frequently recognized in polls as among the best fathers in television history. Deep Space Nine's televised portrayal of Sisko as an effective leader and devoted father during the 1990s was striking in its unique emphasis on countering the African-American paternal stereotype.
  • Star Trek,
  • Deep Space Nine
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Travis Langley
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Scott T. Allison and James K. Beggan. "Subverting Racial Stereotypes by Affirming Nuclear Family Stereotypes" Star Trek: The Mental Frontier (2016)
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