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Heroic Leadership
Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (2017)
  • Scott T. Allison
The world’s most revered leaders have traveled the hero’s journey of personal transformation and, in turn, have used their gifts to transform others. The heroic leader’s journey is the human journey, replete with struggle, growth, learning, transformation, and an ascendency from followership to heroic leadership. Those who dare to transform, or who are compelled to do so by circumstance, grow into fully developed human beings ready, willing, and able to transform others. The transformed hero represents the pinnacle of human maturity, the state of wellbeing that allows people to flourish and experience eudaimonia.
  • heroic leadership,
  • heroism,
  • leadership
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A. Farazmand
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Scott T. Allison. "Heroic Leadership" New YorkEncyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (2017)
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