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Unpublished Paper
The Hero's Journey and Radical Heroic Leadership
Heroic Leadership (2016)
  • Scott T. Allison

Radical heroic leadership recognizes the heroic potential of all organizational members and focuses on its cultivation. The approach is founded on the two assumption that all leaders are capable of heroic transformative development, and that the key to such development is found in the classic hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell in his iconic 1949 book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. This chapter outlines a conceptual framework, based on the hero’s journey, for developing leadership that can meet the radical needs of our desperate times. In doing so, we draw from theory and research in numerous sub-disciplines of psychology, most notably from the areas of developmental, social, personality, organizational, and positive psychology.
  • heroic leadership,
  • heroism,
  • heroes
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Scott T. Allison. "The Hero's Journey and Radical Heroic Leadership" Heroic Leadership (2016)
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