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The Initiation of Heroism Science
Heroism Science (2015)
  • Scott T. Allison, University of Richmond
In this article I describe the nascent field of heroism science, as part of a broader movement for the promotion of heroism in 21st century societies. I identify several markers of its emergence and offer reasons why the science is now coalescing into an established and autonomous field of inquiry. Moreover, I discuss the importance of maintaining a dynamic symbiotic relationship between the research and activist wings of the heroism movement. The aims and scope of heroism science are discussed, and reasons are offered for producing a science that is inclusive, transdisciplinary, and risk-taking. I examine all these issues within the metaphorical framework of initiation.
  • heroism science,
  • heroes,
  • heroism movement,
  • initiation
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Scott T. Allison. "The Initiation of Heroism Science" Heroism Science Vol. 1 (2015) p. 1 - 8
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