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Citizens or Heroes: The Fall – and Rise – of Heroic Martyrdom
Core Concepts in Heroism Science (2020)
  • Megan R Wirtz, University of Richmond
This essay will delve into the lives of two more exemplars of rising and falling martyrdom. This essay will take a detailed look at two of the world’s most popular LGBTQ martyrs, Alan Turing and Oscar Wilde. Historically, cultures worldwide repudiated the concept of homosexuality; no matter what the culture or religion, homosexuality was a sin and violated norms. Turing and Wilde wound up dead or destitute because they were accused of gross acts of indecency – that is, homosexuality – which was illegal when they were alive. However, both of them returned in the 21st century as role models and martyrs for a flourishing LGBTQ community that is no longer illegal. This chapter explores their journeys from villain to heroic martyr.
  • Turing,
  • Wilde,
  • martyr,
  • hero
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Megan R Wirtz. "Citizens or Heroes: The Fall – and Rise – of Heroic Martyrdom" Core Concepts in Heroism Science (2020)
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