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Motivational Heroism: A Phenomenon that Keeps the World Spinning
Core Concepts in Heroism Science (2020)
  • Lauren A Lambert, University of Richmond
Motivation is explained as a desire and urgency to do something that works towards some ends. Intrinsically, individuals may be motivated to accomplish the ends because it is internally pleasurable. Extrinsically, however, they may feel an urge to work for something simply because of the positive consequences that arise from it. Regardless of the intention behind the desire, motivated individuals tend to have steadfast directionality and a defined purpose within their life trajectory (Ryan & 􀀓eci, 2000). Having motivation, however, is not in and of itself heroic. An individual’s moti-vations may only satisfy their own self-serving bias or create some sort of temporary pleasure and feeling of accomplishment. The individual’s altered motivations may serve as a precursor to heroism, but he or she only becomes a hero when the positive outcomes of the motivationally-driven actions are evident to the broader world and not just to the individual’s personal development.
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Lauren A Lambert. "Motivational Heroism: A Phenomenon that Keeps the World Spinning" Core Concepts in Heroism Science (2020)
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