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Rooting for (and then abandoning) the underdog
Journal of Applied Social Psychology (2008)
  • JongHan Kim
  • Scott T. Allison, University of Richmond
  • Dafna Eylon
  • George Goethals
  • Michael Markus
  • Sheila Hindle
  • Heather McGuire

Although people prefer to associate with winners, there is also a strong desire to support the lovable loser or underdog. In 4 studies, we demonstrate the underdog effect and its delimiting conditions.

  • underdog,
  • heroes
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JongHan Kim, Scott T. Allison, Dafna Eylon, George Goethals, et al.. "Rooting for (and then abandoning) the underdog" Journal of Applied Social Psychology Vol. 38 (2008)
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