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Storm still: Klartext und Poesie in Peter Handke's "Immer Noch Sturm"
Handkeonline Austrian National Library (2015)
  • Scott Abbott, Utah Valley University

In a play about about the Slovenian minority in Austria, Peter Handke dialectically explores the possibilities of language in the contexts of war and peace. Although the play has been attacked as an act of linguistic nationalism, a careful reading of the play finds it one more document in the author's lifelong commitment to laying bare the coercive structures of language.

  • Peter Handke,
  • Slovenian language,
  • Immer Noch Sturm,
  • nationalism
Publication Date
September 1, 2015
Publisher Statement
Originalbeitrag Handkeonline (1.9.2015)
Citation Information
Scott Abbott. "Storm still: Klartext und Poesie in Peter Handke's "Immer Noch Sturm"" Handkeonline Austrian National Library Vol. Original Beiträge (2015)
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