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The Bee Sneeze
Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (PURCC)
  • Scott Nelson, University of the Pacific
Lead Author Major
Music Composition
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Composer's Club Concerts
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Francois Rose
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Music Composition
Abstract/Artist Statement

The Bee Sneeze

by Scott Nelson

Jenna Benson, bassoon

This piece for solo Bassoon, was a lot of fun to write. The title has no bearing on the content of the piece. I thought of the title after I had written the music. It's a stretch, but in a way the music made me think of a little worker bee with a cold.

Faye Spanos Concert Hall
Start Date
3-5-2017 7:30 PM
End Date
3-5-2017 9:00 PM
Citation Information
Scott Nelson. "The Bee Sneeze" (2017)
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