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Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference (PURCC)
  • Scott Nelson, University of the Pacific
Lead Author Major
Music Composition
Lead Author Status
Composer's Club Concerts
Faculty Mentor Name
Francois Rose
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Music Composition
Abstract/Artist Statement
SCREWj by Scott Nelson Text by Charles Dickens Brad Parese, voice David Dryfoos, piano The voice's text comes from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. "It is required of every man, that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow-men, and travel far and wide; and if that spirit goes not forth in life, it is condemned to do so after death. It is doomed to wander through the world—oh, woe is me!—and witness what it cannot share, but might have shared on earth, and turned to happiness!" At this point in the story Ebeneezer Scrooge's deceased business partner, Jacob Marly, is exhorting Scrooge from beyond the grave to change his ways, lest Scrooge suffer a similar fate to his own. In SCREWj, the voice and piano play the parts of Marley and Scrooge respectively.
Faye Spanos Concert Hall
Start Date
3-5-2017 7:30 PM
End Date
3-5-2017 9:00 PM
Citation Information
Scott Nelson. "SCREWj" (2017)
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