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Introducing a New Business Course: “Global Business and Sustainability”
International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (2005)
  • Scott Marshall, Portland State University
  • Sean P. Harry, American Intercontinental University

– To outline the themes, topics and material used in a new course, Global business and sustainability, for business educators interested in integrating this emergingparadigm into their courses.


– The structure, design and reference materials for the Global business and sustainability course are reviewed. Specific challenges in designing the course are discussed. Recommendations are provided on how key frameworks developed for this course can aid in the delivery of a business course integrating sustainability concepts.


– Compared to a more traditional business course, in a business course integrating sustainability concepts there is greater need for delineating the relationships between institutional, industry and corporate level factors linked to sustainability issues. However, a business course developed around the principles of sustainability is also similar to any other course in the business curriculum in that it needs to demonstrate the link between competitive actions and outcomes. Finally, sustainable development and sustainability are concepts that, in principle, should appeal and apply across cultural and national boundaries.

Practical implications

– A useful source of information for business educators planning to integrate sustainability issues and concepts into their courses.


– This paper addresses an important emerging paradigm and offers practical advice on how to incorporate this paradigm into business curriculum.
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Marshall, R. S., & Harry, S. P. (2005). Introducing a new business course: "Global business and sustainability", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 6, 179 - 196.