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About Savilla I Banister

Dr. Savilla Banister is a teacher, dreamer, musician, geek and grandmother. She has spent her life engaging students in learning, focusing on hands-on learning activities, arts connections, and digital technology integration. As a K-12 educator, she received the Hanley Teaching Excellence Award for her district in 2001. During this same year she graduated from Indiana University with a PhD in Curriculum and Multimedia Technologies and moved to Bowling Green, Ohio. Dr. Banister has been a faculty member at Bowling Green State University since that time, and has proven to be an enthusiastic and challenging professor for her undergraduate and graduate students, teaching in online and face-to-face venues. Savilla also spends considerable time in local public schools, assisting teachers in integrating innovative technologies for teaching and learning. Dr. Banister served the International Society for Technology in Education as their Visual and Performing Arts specialist for the flagship publication, Learning & Leading with Technology. In addition, she maintains an active academic writing life, securing grant funding and publishing numerous research articles. Savilla approaches life and teaching as an adventure and is fond of saying, “It’s all about the learning!”


Present Classroom Technology, Bowling Green State University Teaching and Learning
Present Professor, Bowling Green State University Teaching and Learning

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