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International Criminal Court & India: Some Questions & Answers
  • Saumya Uma

This book was an outcome of an attempt to fill the “information gap” presently faced in making the ICC meaningful to civil society in India. It is based on questions that are frequently raised during workshops that the ICC-India campaign has conducted in various parts of the country. The contents of the book are in the form of questions and answers, and the book explains complex issues in a simple language. The publication is specially intended for Indian human rights organizations, activists and legal professionals engaged in campaigns on law and policy reform issues on human rights. This publication forms part of the information kit that is distributed to participants during workshops on ICC & India organized by ICC-India / WRAG.

  • International Criminal Court,
  • India
Publication Date
September, 2004
Women's Research & Action Group
Citation Information
Saumya Uma. International Criminal Court & India: Some Questions & Answers. Mumbai(2004)
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