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About Satyendra S Nayak

Dr. Satyendra S. Nayak is an independent advisor and consultant. His experience stems from 30 years of working in Commercial Banking and Mutual Fund with experience in economic policy, international banking and finance, project financing, foreign exchange management, mutual fund management, offshore funds, equity and debt investments, and portfolio and wealth management. He received his PhD in International Economics and Finance from the University of Bombay, India. He is Adjunct Professor and teaches at ICFAI Business School in Mumbai in the Centre for Advanced Banking and Finance Studies. His book ‘Global Monetary Experience and India’ was awarded Prize for Best Book In Economics in India in 1994. ‘Globalization and the Indian Economy - Roadmap to Convertible Rupee’ was published by Routledge, London, New York, February,2008. The forthcoming publication is ‘Global Financial Crisis: Genesis, Policy Reaction and Road Ahead’.