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Efficient Superposition of Communication and Radar Waveforms (Raytheon)
2013 SCOPE Projects
  • Anton Frolenkov, Olin College of Engineering
  • Vidie Pong, Olin College of Engineering
  • Sasha Sproch, Olin College of Engineering
  • Amy Whitcombe, Olin College of Engineering
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The goal of the Raytheon-Olin SCOPE team was to identify pairs of communication and radar waveforms that could be superimposed through a single nonlinear amplifier while still fulfilling primary communications and radar functions. The team investigated candidate performance using hardware experimentation and industry-standard simulation. The results of this study begin to define the conditions for successful simultaneous communications and radar transmission through a single non-linear amplifier.

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Anton Frolenkov, Vidie Pong, Sasha Sproch and Amy Whitcombe. "Efficient Superposition of Communication and Radar Waveforms (Raytheon)" (2013)
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