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Environmental Engineering Forum
Journal of Environmental Engineering
  • Steven I. Safferman, University of Dayton
  • Vivek P. Utgikar, University of Dayton
  • Sarwan S. Sandhu, University of Dayton
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The authors herein listed are responding to an electronic correspondence that began on the following premise: "Academic and institutional success has been defined in terms of enrollment, fulfillment of the university mission, and the marketability of its graduates. The belief persists that universities are monuments to the hope that through education and deeper understanding of "science" we can create better engineers. Because of this, many institutions have become victims of diversification and expansion and have changed their programs with more specialist faculties to be more science oriented. Although these changes have produced environmental engineers that are technically adequate, they have been less pragmatic at the entry level. How can we deal with such problems that infest the environmental engineering profession? The answers are not easy. It will take going right back to the classroom drawing board. With this in mind, the discusser offers several comments germane to the educational business procedures and the future of the environmental engineering profession."
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Steven I. Safferman, Vivek P. Utgikar and Sarwan S. Sandhu. "Environmental Engineering Forum" Journal of Environmental Engineering Vol. 124 Iss. 3 (1998)
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