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Institutional Repositories and the Research Lifecycle: An Interview Featuring Sarah Wipperman
  • Sarah Wipperman
  • Jen Laloup, PLoS
It’s an exciting time for digital scholarship. Libraries are at the forefront of conversations about helping researchers meet their scholarly publishing needs. Institutional repositories, such as ScholarlyCommons at the University of Pennsylvania, are also playing a greater role in collecting, preserving, and sharing research output, from preprints and postprints to historical datasets. In this PLOScast, Elizabeth speaks with Sarah Wipperman, the Repository Services Manager & Analyst for ScholarlyCommons, about how libraries are supporting scholars and pushing for new tools to better communicate research.
In this episode Sarah explains:
  • Institutional repositories and why they are important
  • The changing role of the university library
  • The most common route for readers to discover a research article
  • The kinds of services that are critical to provide to researchers at the institutional level
Publication Date
Summer July 26, 2016

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Citation Information
Sarah Wipperman and Jen Laloup. "Institutional Repositories and the Research Lifecycle: An Interview Featuring Sarah Wipperman" (2016)
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