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Technique For Video Compression By Projection Onto Convex Sets
Applications of Digital Image Processing VII (1984)
  • P. Santago, North Carolina State University
  • Sarah A. Rajala, North Carolina State University

This paper describes a video compression technique which utilizes the alternating projection theorem for convex sets. The image to be transmitted is determined to be in certain convex sets and parameters defining these sets are sent. The receiver can then use the method of successive projections to locate an image which is in the intersection of the sets. If the intersection is small then the image determined should be close to the desired image. The coder can be made more robust by easily adding additional convex sets or using it in conjunction with other coding schemes such as motion compensation.

Publication Date
December 4, 1984
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Citation Information
P. Santago and Sarah A. Rajala. "Technique For Video Compression By Projection Onto Convex Sets" Applications of Digital Image Processing VII (1984)
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