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Exploring a Map Survey Task's Sensitivity to Cognitive Ability
Statistics Conference Proceedings, Presentations and Posters
  • Kofi Whitney, Iowa State University
  • Georgi I. Batinov, Iowa State University
  • Leslie Miller, Iowa State University
  • Sarah M. Nusser, Iowa State University
  • Kathleen T. Ashenfelter, United States Census Bureau
Document Type
Conference Proceeding
Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions
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(50.17555, 2.111938000000009)
The present work discusses an exploratory study aimed at understanding how users’ cognitive abilities influence performance and method during a series of address verification tasks. College students were given a paper map and asked to verify seven residential addresses scattered throughout a neighborhood. This approach, as opposed to using a mobile device as the verification medium, allotted participants more freedom with respect to address verification style and map interaction. The study methodology and results are discussed. The key contribution of the work described in the paper has been the identification of map usage behaviors that are sensitive to visualization and perspective taking.

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Kofi Whitney, Georgi I. Batinov, Leslie Miller, Sarah M. Nusser, et al.. "Exploring a Map Survey Task's Sensitivity to Cognitive Ability" Gosier, France(2011)
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