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About Sarah Murnen

Sarah Murnen is a social psychologist who studies gender-related issues from a feminist, socio-cultural perspective. Specifically, Murnen examines how the status difference between women and men in American society might be developed and maintained through various gender-related behaviors.
Murnen has conducted research on the relationship between the male gender role and the perpetration of sexual violence and how the female gender role is related to body dissatisfaction. She is currently interested in Objectification Theory, which states that the ubiquitous treatment of women as bodies in society, combined with a very unrealistically thin body ideal for women, leads some women to internalize objectification and become preoccupied with their appearance. This can lead to body-related problems including eating disorders.
In much of her research, Murnen uses meta-analysis to statistically combine results across a large number of studies on a topic. Her teaching interests include statistics, psychology of women, research methods to study gender, and seminar on sexual violence. In addition to conducting research with students, Murnen collaborates with colleagues Linda Smolak and Michael Levine.


Present Samuel B. Cummings, Jr. Professor of Psychology, Kenyon College

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