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Time_Place_Space 4 - Adelaide Centre for the Arts
  • Sarah B. Miller
  • Fiona Winning
  • Teresa Crea
  • era2010
Publication Date
January 1, 2005
Miller, S. B., Winning, F. & Crea, T. (2005). Time_Place_Space 4 [Workshop].

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Research Background
“Time Place Space” was established to provide the kind of professional and creative research and development opportunities not previously available to Australian artists. Each laboratory has been discrete and responsive to participants’ needs. The following aims were established for TPS4 during planning meetings: * Challenge existing patterns of practice; * Exchange ideas about process, practice, content, culture; * Create a space for robust, respectful, critical exchange; * In interdisciplinary work, value all disciplines and media equally.

Research Contribution
TPS4 successfully created a flexible blue-print for a laboratory model that develops, challenges and supports hybrid performance practice in a relatively well-resourced, critical laboratory environment. Outcomes have included a profusion of collaborations and projects among the participating artists, and a strong national network across which ideas, support, knowledge, resources and opportunities are shared. This model feeds into a wider circuit of international R&D in this field, and the subsequent presentation of the work. The success of the laboratory model has seen a relationship developing with Asialink, a non-academic centre of the University of Melbourne, and initiative of the Myer Foundation.

Research Significance
Initially proposed as a three-year initiative by the New Media Arts Board of the Australia Council, TPS success meant the curators were asked to develop a proposal extending the project by two years. Having successfully mounted the case, it is notable that TPS 4 also received funding support from the Dance, Theatre and Music Boards of the Australia Council and the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body.

Citation Information
Sarah B. Miller, Fiona Winning and Teresa Crea. "Time_Place_Space 4 - Adelaide Centre for the Arts" (2005)
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