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Integrated Curriculum to Improve Engineering Problem Solving
Proceedings of the 2004 Industrial Engineering Research Conference
  • John K. Jackman, Iowa State University
  • Sigurdur Olafsson, Iowa State University
  • Frank E. Peters, Iowa State University
  • Sarah M. Ryan, Iowa State University
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IIE Annual Conference
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A series of modules based on realistic problems are being developed for our industrial engineering curriculum. These modules require students to use a variety of information technology skills to access, screen and analyze the data available to them. The modules are also designed to help students build relationships among the courses, which they traditionally treat as isolated bodies of knowledge. Students’ engineering problem solving will also be enhanced by the challenge presented by more realistic open-ended problems that are incorporated into the modules. This paper details the results of the latest module used in a Manufacturing Systems Engineering course.


This is a proceeding published as Jackman, John K., Sigurdur Olafsson, Frank E. Peters, Sarah M. Ryan, and Kevin Saunders. "Integrated curriculum to improve engineering problem solving." In IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings, p. 1. Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), 2004. Posted with permission.

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IIE Annual Conference
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John K. Jackman, Sigurdur Olafsson, Frank E. Peters and Sarah M. Ryan. "Integrated Curriculum to Improve Engineering Problem Solving" Proceedings of the 2004 Industrial Engineering Research Conference (2004)
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