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Spitzer 70/160 μm observations of high-redshift ULIRGs and HyLIRGs in the Boötes field
The Astrophysical Journal
  • Krystal D. Tyler, University of Arizona
  • Emeric Le Floc'H, University of Arizona
  • George H. Rieke, University of Arizona
  • Arjun Dey, National Optical Astronomy Observatory
  • Vandana Desai, California Institute of Technology
  • Kate Brand, Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Colin Borys, California Institute of Technology
  • Buell T. Jannuzi, National Optical Astronomy Observatory
  • Lee Armus, National Optical Astronomy Observatory
  • Herve Dole, Universite Paris Sud
  • Casey Papovich, University of Arizona
  • Michael J. I. Brown, Monash University
  • Myra Blaylock, University of Arizona
  • Sarah J.U. Higdon, Georgia Southern Universtiy
  • James L. Higdon, Georgia Southern University
  • Vassilis Charmandaris, University of Crete
  • Matthew L. N. Ashby, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
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We present new 70 and 160 μm observations of a sample of extremely red (R - [24] gsim 15 mag), mid-infrared bright, high-redshift (1.7 lsim z lsim 2.8) galaxies. All targets detected in the far-infrared exhibit rising spectral energy distributions (SEDs) consistent with dust emission from obscured active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and/or star-forming regions in luminous IR galaxies (LIRGs). We find that the SEDs of the high-redshift sources are more similar to canonical AGN-dominated local ultraluminous IR galaxies (ULIRGs) with significant warm dust components than to typical local star-forming ULIRGs. The inferred IR (8-1000 μm) bolometric luminosities are found to be L bol ~ 4 × 1012 L sun to ~3 × 1013 L sun (ULIRGs/hyper-luminous IR galaxies (HyLIRGs)), representing the first robust constraints on L bol for this class of object.
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Krystal D. Tyler, Emeric Le Floc'H, George H. Rieke, Arjun Dey, et al.. "Spitzer 70/160 μm observations of high-redshift ULIRGs and HyLIRGs in the Boötes field" The Astrophysical Journal Vol. 691 Iss. 2 (2009) p. 1846 - 1853
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