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"Love's Congruence": A Theological Account of Wisdom for Judges
Tulsa Law Review (2016)
  • Sarah M. R. Cravens
This article explores what a theological account of wisdom offers to a judge whose faith informs both the fulfillment of obligations within the judicial role (conceived in terms of vocation) and the attempt to meaningfully integrate work with life off the bench. The day-to-day work of the judge is to a great extent about discernment, about seeking not just correct doctrinal answers, but the application of practical wisdom in context. Access to
the resource of a theological account of wisdom offers the judge, among other things, a model of wisdom that the judge can seek to emulate. This turns out to be much more about how a judge can be wise in the role than about reaching specific wise outcomes. Access to such an account of wisdom may ultimately promote a greater flourishing of the judge in his or her vocation, as it not only provides constructive content in the model, but a point
of congruence between personal and professional. And love, as it comes to the fore as a theme in the construction of these various theological accounts of wisdom, provides this helpful point of congruence for the seeking of wisdom and the doing of justice.
  • judges,
  • wisdom,
  • ethics,
  • judgment,
  • theology,
  • justice
Publication Date
Spring 2016
Citation Information
Sarah M. R. Cravens, "Love's Congruence": A Theological Account of Wisdom for Judges, 51 Tulsa L. Rev. 609 (2016).