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About Sarah J. Beckman

As an associate professor, I actively engage in teaching, research, and service activities. 

I have been fortunate to be assigned and lead courses that I love:  Leadership, Transcultural Healthcare, Concepts and Theories in Nursing.  As clinical faculty during early years at IPFW, I coached students in fundamentals (11500), as well adult medical-surgical (20200, 33600).  Partnering with students and RN preceptors yields significant teaching and learning outcomes in the classroom, clinical practice, and as presenters locally in healthcare agencies on quality improvement projects and nationally to professional nursing audiences at SIgma Theta Tau International International convention, American Nurses Association quality conference, and Neuman Systems Model symposia.

As a Neuman Systems Model (NSM) Trustee since 2002, I collaborate, consult, and publish with national and international colleagues on scholarly and creative endeavors that continue to build on research conducted with IPFW colleagues.  Completed research overlaps and informs my teaching.  For example, a 5year longitudinal, replication study measuring curriculum outcomes of a nursing theory-based program and a qualitative study assessing student definitions of spirituality at entry and exit from a pre-licensure nursing program were intense, exciting, and motivational.  Presently, I am on a mission with co-editor, Dr Jacqueline Fawcett, to publish an Ebook featuring academic-practice  partnerships using the NSM and organized by themes from the Institute of Medicine and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN). 

As chair of Department Personnel Committee, I am engaged in activities including promotion and tenure and search and screen to fill faculty positions.  As an elected IPFW Senator, I served on a task force to update university promotion and tenure guidelines.  Service to the profession has been consistent over the past 40 years in STTI and ANA as member, officer, and repeat delegate to conventions. In 2000, one major contribution was as co-founder of the STTI Xi Nu at-Large Chapter at IPFW and University of Saint Francis.

RN Practice Prior to IPFW
Prior to IPFW, I was employed for 10 years at the Indiana University Medical Center, University Hospital in Indianapolis on a post operative general surgery and neurosurgery unit as staff nurse, patient care coordinator, and manager.  My professional practice was well grounded in primary care nursing and patient-centered care in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary healthcare team.


Present M.S.N., RN, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

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