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A Response to the IPCC Fifth Assessment
45 Envtl. L. Rep. 10027
  • Sarah Adams-Schoen
  • Deepa Badrinarayana
  • Cinnamon Pinon Carlarne
  • Robin Kundis Craig
  • John C. Dernbach
  • Keith H. Hirokawa
  • Alexandra B. Klass
  • Katrina Fischer Kuh
  • Stephen R. Miller
  • Jessica Owley
  • Shannon Roesler
  • Jonathan D. Rosenbloom
  • Inara K. Scott
  • David Takacs
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This collection of essays is the initial product of the second meeting of the Environmental Law Collaborative, a group of environmental law scholars that meet to discuss important and timely environmental issues. Here, the group provides an array of perspectives arising from the Fifth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Each scholar chose one passage from one of the IPCC’s three Summaries for Policymakers as a jumping-off point for exploring climate change issues and responding directly to the reports. The result is a variety of viewpoints on the future of how law relates to climate change, a result that is the product not only of each scholar’s individual knowledge but also of the group’s robust discussion.
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45 Envtl. L. Rep. 10027 (2015)