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Session B-1: Current Events in Biology
Professional Learning Day
  • Crystal Randall, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Don Dosch, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Sarah O'Leary-Driscoll, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Session Number
Grade Level
Grade Levels: MS/HS
Start Date
3-3-2017 10:45 AM
End Date
3-3-2017 11:45 AM

Teaching fundamentals, while important, can sometimes take a toll on our motivation and enthusiasm for our subject because there are rarely significant changes in the content we might present from year to year. However, keeping up with the current progress of our field, what’s new and exciting in research, and how current advancements can impact our health, well-being, and society in the future can keep us inspired, and help us continue to inspire our students. Come discuss what’s happening in biology news today, hear what we’re excited about and bring your own ideas to share!

Citation Information
Crystal Randall, Don Dosch and Sarah O'Leary-Driscoll. "Session B-1: Current Events in Biology" (2017)
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