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Psychology in Your Life, 2nd Edition
  • Sarah Grison, Parkland College
  • Michael Gazzaniga, University of California, Santa Barbara
Psychology in Your Life was created with the realities of the modern classroom in mind–the text and the media (including an interactive ebook) get students actively engaged with the topics, show them how psychology can be relevant to their lives, and teach them how to be critical consumers of information.

Table of Contents: 1. Introducing the World of Psychology
2. The Role of Biology in Psychology
3. Consciousness 
4. Development Across the Life Span
5. Sensation and Perception 
6. Learning
7. Memory
8. Thinking and Intelligence
9. Motivation and Emotion
10. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
11. Health and Well-Being
12. Social Psychology
13. Self and Personality
14. Psychological Disorders 
15. Psychological Treatments
Appendix A: Analyzing Data in Psychological Research
Appendix B: Quizzes 
  • Developmental psychology,
  • Textbook,
  • Introduction to Psychology
Publication Date
June, 2017
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Publisher Statement
Psychology in Your Life offers the only package in the introductory psychology market to place equal emphasis on active learning and teaching support. Author Sarah Grison’s strong involvement in the development of the media package creates consistency with the text’s learning goals, and our author-driven ancillaries help instructors of all levels promote active learning in their classrooms.   

Citation Information
Sarah Grison and Michael Gazzaniga. Psychology in Your Life, 2nd Edition. (2017)
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