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Adolescent risk for intimate partner violence perpetration
Prevention Science (2015)
  • Carolyn A. Smith
  • Sarah J. Greenman, Hamline University
  • Terence P. Thornberry
  • Kimberly L. Henry
  • Timothy O. Ireland
The prevention of intimate partner violence is a desirable individual and public health goal for society. The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive assessment of adolescent risk factors for partner violence in order to inform the development of evidence-based prevention strategies. We utilize data from the Rochester Youth Development Study, a two decade long prospective study of a representative community sample of 1000 participants that has extensive measures of adolescent characteristics, contexts, and behaviors that are potential precursors of partner violence. Using a developmental psychopathology framework, we assess self-reported partner violence perpetration in emerging adulthood (ages 20–22) and in adulthood (ages 29–30) utilizing the Conflict Tactics Scale. Our results indicate that risk factors for intimate partner violence span several developmental domains and are substantially similar for both genders. Internalizing and externalizing problem behaviors as well as early intimate relationships are especially salient for both genders. Additionally, cumulative risk across a number of developmental domains places adolescents at particularly high risk of perpetrating partner violence. Implications for prevention include extending existing prevention programs that focus on high risk groups with multiple risks for developmental disruption, as well as focusing on preventing or mitigating identified risk factors across both genders.
  • Intimate partner violence,
  • Risk factors,
  • Cumulative risk
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Carolyn A. Smith, Sarah J. Greenman, Terence P. Thornberry, Kimberly L. Henry, et al.. "Adolescent risk for intimate partner violence perpetration" Prevention Science Vol. 16 Iss. 6 (2015) p. 862 - 872 ISSN: 1573-6695
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