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Business, Human Rights, & the Triple Planetary Crisis: Confronting Overconsumption
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  • Sara Seck
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According to the United Nations, the world is facing a triple planetary crisis of climate change, nature (biodiversity) loss, and pollution and waste, with the most egregious consequences felt by those least responsible. These crises are also intertwined: nature-based solutions are promoted as climate change solutions even as heat domes fuel forest fires; extraction of minerals for green energy solutions negatively impacts biodiversity and creates pollution and waste; and carbon major companies are also among the largest producers of plastic pollution. International human rights law is increasingly grappling with environmental rights and responsibilities, as evidenced by the work of special rapporteurs on the environment and on toxic substances, among others. This paper will consider how business and human rights instruments could help to guide solutions to triple planetary crisis that are attentive to the need to reduce overconsumption by the rich while supporting equity and resilience of those most vulnerable to planetary crisis.

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Sara L Seck, "Business, Human Rights, & the Triple Planetary Crisis: Confronting Overconsumption" (Paper delivered at the UConn Business & Human Rights Workshop, Connecticut, 10 March 2022) [unpublished].