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Miniature fuel cells with non-planar interface by microfabrication
  • Sang Joon John Lee, San Jose State University
  • Suk Won Chan, Stanford University
  • Yaocheng Liu, Stanford University
  • Ryan O'Hayre, Stanford University
  • Amy Chang-Chien, Stanford University
  • Fritz B. Prinz, Stanford University

Power Sources for the New Millennium, Proceedings Volume 2000-22, The Electrochemical Society Proceeding Series, Pennington, New Jersey.

  • microfabrication,
  • non-planar
Publication Date
October, 2000
Citation Information
Sang Joon John Lee, Suk Won Chan, Yaocheng Liu, Ryan O'Hayre, et al.. "Miniature fuel cells with non-planar interface by microfabrication" (2000)
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