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The Experience of Family Caregivers of Older Korean Americans With Dementia Symptoms
Clinical Gerontologist (2015)
  • Banghwa Lee Casado, University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • Sang E. Lee, San Jose State University
  • Michin Hong, Indiana University - Indianapolis
  • Seokho Hong, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Despite the rapid growth of the older ethnic minority population, knowledge about dementia care for this population is limited. This study examined the experience of dementia caregiving among Korean Americans. We conducted four focus groups with 23 family caregivers of older Korean Americans with dementia symptoms and identified eight themes: (a) struggling and overwhelmed; (b) keeping the cultural roles and responsibility; (c) doing it by themselves; (d) family as a source of stress; (e) limited knowledge and misconceptions; (f) learning as they go; (g) undiagnosed dementia and misunderstandings about medical care; and (h) barriers to use of services and need for culturally responsive services. The findings underscore that Korean Americans need dementia caregiver programs that are linguistically and culturally responsive.
  • dementia care,
  • ethnic minority,
  • family caregiving,
  • Korean Americans
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Banghwa Lee Casado, Sang E. Lee, Michin Hong and Seokho Hong. "The Experience of Family Caregivers of Older Korean Americans With Dementia Symptoms" Clinical Gerontologist Vol. 38 Iss. 1 (2015) p. 32 - 48 ISSN: 0731-7115
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