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Family Law in America, Second Edition
  • Sanford N Katz, Boston College Law School

Discusses the evolution of same-sex marriage rights and the way these rights affect family law

Considers definitions of formal and informal marriage, analyzing the extent to which relationships established before marriage are regulated

Describes legislative and judicial responses to evolving family forms

Examines fault and no-fault divorce procedures, alimony, assignment of property upon divorce

Defines what is marital property and what is separate property

Combines legal analysis with social science research

New to this Edition:

Captures recent developments affecting family law in America

Analyzes the transformation of the institution of marriage from being a relationship between a man and a woman to encompassing same-sex couples

Insights into adoption that take into account developments in assisted reproduction technologies

Discusses the protection of children in light of the sexual abuse of children by clergy

Publication Date
October, 2014
Oxford University Press
Citation Information
Sanford N Katz. Family Law in America, Second Edition. Oxford, UK(2014)
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