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Hijacked Journals: How Open Access Journals Fall Into The Predatory Publishing Trap
Faculty Scholarship and Creative Works
  • Sarah A. Norris, University of Central Florida
  • Buenaventura "Ven" Basco, University of Central Florida
  • Sandy Avila, University of Central Florida
  • Scholarly Communication, Publishing, Open Access

In today’s academic publishing environment, open access journals have become an increasingly common and used venue for publication by faculty, researchers, and students. However, open access publishing also prompts issues and concerns related to the publishing model and predatory publishing practices. In this session, Sandy Avila, Science Librarian, Ven Basco, Engineering Librarian, and Sarah Norris, Scholarly Communication Librarian will share information about open access, predatory publishing, and how to differentiate between credible and predatory journals, with an emphasis on STEM-focused publications. Areas to be explored will include how to identify spam email, fake metrics, predatory conferences, and other issues associated with predatory publishers. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own examples and experiences to the session.

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Sarah A. Norris, Buenaventura "Ven" Basco and Sandy Avila. "Hijacked Journals: How Open Access Journals Fall Into The Predatory Publishing Trap" (2018)
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