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Discursive “policy logics” of mergers in United States higher education: Strategy or tragedy?
Tertiary Education and Management (2011)
  • Dr. Sandria Stephenson, Kennesaw State University
Mergers are part of the historical fabric of US higher education. However, the current economic recession and other policy issues have experts and academicians predicting an increase in higher education mergers in the USA. Consequently, this study analysed the discursive “policy logics” surrounding merger negotiations in US higher education. The study employs a qualitative textual‐content analysis using an initial review of 32 media accounts of higher education mergers followed by a thorough investigation of institutions’ official documents for 18 selected merger negotiations. Results indicate that merging related to higher education institutions is a social construction or deconstruction of meaning and discourse; perceptions about them are expressed in discursive ways using metaphorical and symbolic vernacular. Decision‐makers’ expressed discursive perceptions about them can often determine their success or failure while having a great impact on the institution as a whole.
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Dr. Sandria Stephenson. "Discursive “policy logics” of mergers in United States higher education: Strategy or tragedy?" Tertiary Education and Management Vol. 17 Iss. 2 (2011) p. 117 - 137 ISSN: ISSN-1358-3883
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