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About Sandra A. Yocum

I have come to appreciate the unique community of learners that is fostered here at the University of Dayton. The commitment to providing an opportunity for students to join with faculty members in the learning process begins in the first year undergraduate work and continues through graduate work. I am deeply committed to the interconnected nature of learning as it relates to theological studies. My own work with undergraduates and graduate students as well as with faculty members within my department and from other departments from history to civil engineering has enhanced my own work as a historical theologian. My own research in areas of U.S. Catholicism has been transformed through my work with cultural and social historians, sociologists, and artists as well as with various people whose work takes them out into the community beyond the University. I recognize this emphasis upon the interconnected dimensions of learning to be deeply influenced by the Marianist and Catholic commitments of the University of Dayton. I feel very fortunate to be invited into this work.

Co-edited American Catholic Traditions: Resources for Renewal with William Portier
Talk in convocation for Saint Thomas Aquinas Day at Ohio Dominican University (2003)


1992 - Present Associate Professor, University of Dayton Department of Religious Studies


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1987 PhD, Marquette University ‐ Theology
1976 BA, University of Oklahoma ‐ Catholic Studies

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Phone: 937-229-4321


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