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Men's health and psychosocial issues affecting men
Nursing Clinics of North America (2004)
  • Sandra Thomas

Contemporary scholars are calling on men to rethink "the male deal." As Samuels describes it, "In the male deal, the little boy, at around the age of 3 or 4. strikes a bargain with the social world in which he lives. If he will turn away from soft things, feminine things, maternal things...then the world will reward his gender certainty by giving him all the goodies in its possession." But the "deal" can have damaging effects, as shown in the studies reviewed in this article. Clinicians can help men to rethink the restrictions of the "male deal" so that they may experience the freedom of a wider emotional repertoire and move toward greater joy and wholeness.

  • men's health,
  • anger,
  • depression,
  • grief,
  • substance abuse
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Thomas, S.P. (2004). Men’s health and psychosocial issues affecting men. Nursing Clinics of North America, 39 (2), 259-270.