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With Oil in Their Lamps: Faith, Feminism, and the Future
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  • Sandra M Schneiders, Jesuit School of Theology/Graduate Theological Union
"I am going to suggest that the culminating contribution of the second millennium, the defining characteristic of the twentieth century, and the most important source of energy for the immediate future is the emergence of women, the beginning of the recognition of the full personhood of half the human family", writes Sandra Schneiders in the introduction to the 2000 Madeleva Lecture, a series that has been as groundbreaking as it has been thought provoking. Writing with her characteristic clarity, foresightedness and intelligence, the author examines some of the deeply transformative effects of feminism on both twentieth-century America and the post-conciliar church, and explores how a Gospel-informed feminism can offer a new vision of humanity, church and world for a new century. This 2000 Madeleva lecture will lay the groundwork for a discussion called Convergence 2000 to be held at St. Mary's College the day following the lecture. All previous Madeleva lecturers will meet to collaborate on a "Statement for Women in the Twenty-First Century", which is sure to be widely publicized.
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Dell Publishing Company
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Sandra M Schneiders. With Oil in Their Lamps: Faith, Feminism, and the Future. (2000)
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