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About Dr. Sandip Kumar Lahiri

Dr. Sandip Kumar Lahiri is a professional chemical engineer with Doctorate from NIT, Durgapur and master degree from IIT, kharagpur.He has over 19 years experience in operations and technical services of leading petrochemical industries across globe. His interest includes simulation,process modelling,artificial intelligence in process industry, APC, soft sensor, slurry flow modelling etc. He has over 25 publications in various international journals. His publication includes both in industry application oriented subjects and academic oriented subjects.


Present manager, Technical services, Scientific Design Company,USA

Curriculum Vitae


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Contact Information

Home tel:00973-36117115
Mobile 00973-36868624


Modelling & Simulation (3)

Design (2)

Artificial neural network (ANN) (2)

Fault diagnosis (1)

Support vector regression (SVR) (5)

Soft sensor (3)

Computational fluid Dynamics (CFD) (1)

Slurry flow modelling (5)

My CV (1)

My PhD (2)