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Island outlook: warm and swampy
  • Dennis Hubbard
  • Eberhard Gischler
  • Peter Davies
  • Lucien Montaggioni
  • Gilbert Camoin
  • Wolf-Christian Dullo
  • Curt Storlazzi
  • Michael Field
  • Charles Fletcher
  • Eric Grossman
  • Charles Sheppard
  • Halard Lescinsky
  • Douglas Fenner
  • John McManus
  • Sander Scheffers, Southern Cross University
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Peer Reviewed
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Hubbard, D, Gischler, E, Davies, P, Montaggioni, L, Camoin, G, Dullo, W-C, Storlazzi, C, Field, M, Fletcher, C, Grossman, E, Sheppard, C, Lescinsky, H, Fenner, D, McManus, J & Scheffers, S 2014, 'Island outlook: warm and swampy', Science, vol. 345, no. 6203, p. 1461.

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