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Muscle Building Stacks That Work For Advanced Body Builders And Hardgainers
recent (2020)
  • samy jackson, Bryant University
Identifying the right muscle building stack can be the secret to your muscle-building quest. The unique thing is that numerous stacks exist for different goals. Conducting adequate research and picking the most appropriate stacks will get you started. However, it is critical to note that supplements and stacks should not be a replacement for muscle building foods or even proper recovery methods. Stacks work best when combined with the traditional methods. The following are stacks that work for both hard gainers and the advanced bodybuilders.

The Bare Essential Muscle Building Stack

For those that might be on a budget, getting a stack that consists of whey protein, branched-chain amino acids, krill oil, multi-vitamin + multi-mineral as well as green supplement can end up kick-starting your muscle building. With this stack, you save lots of money and at the same time get good results. The whey protein and BCCAs are deemed best during pre and post work out sessions hence strive to fuse them with protein shakes. On the other hand, krill oil will be ideal during breakfast and bedtime. The green supplement can be fused with protein shakes while multivitamins should be taken in tow doses for the best absorption.

Muscle Building Stacks That Work for Advanced Builders

While the bare minimum stack combined with the right nutrition and sleep will always work for beginner bodybuilders, advanced bodybuilders need to optimize their stacks 3 times in the following way. 

Morning Muscle Building Stack- In the morning, advanced builders can stimulate protein synthesis and even detoxification by utilizing salt/lemon shot, BCCAs and green supplement. In this, salt combined with the lemon serve as ideal adrenal stimulators. BCCAs and green supplements are ideal in protein synthesis too and are best for trainers that have been in the game for the last 2-3 years.

Pre-Workout Stack- This stack has the role of giving you energy and preventing protein breakdown. The stack should consist of creatine monohydrate that improves your strength, whey protein with BCCAs that ensure that an optimal amino acid pool exists for energy during workout and maltodextrin which is a high acting carb. The carbs are a good fuel for intensified workouts. 

Post-Workout Stack- After having an amazing workout session, this stack ensures that you refuel and at the same time build muscle mass. The best combination involves whey protein with maltodextrin. These proteins and carbs act fast in preventing protein breakdown and in turn prompt synthesis. The post-workout shake should, therefore, be taken during the last exercise. Multivitamins and vitamin C are also essential in this stack. They assist in muscle healing and faster recovery.

Bedtime Stack- Finally, since a good sleep obliges approximately 8 hours leading to a potential fast, a protein and fats mixture is necessary. Casein protein, krill oil, and vitamin C come in handy in this stack as a result. Casein protein slows the digestion of protein, krill oil assists in both hormone building and absorption while vitamin C at night serves as an ideal muscle recovery tool.

The above muscle building stacks work perfectly when combined with good nutrition and rest. The unique thing is that for advanced bodybuilders, different stacks can be combined for best results. Looking for muscle building stacks and supplements? Go to to find the best muscle building stacks.
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Winter March 3, 2020
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