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Unpublished Paper
Augustine: Learning in Community
  • Samuel J. Smith
If all Western philosophy is a footnote to Plato as some have claimed, it might also be legitimate to suppose that all Christian philosophy of education is a footnote to Augustine.  After all, Augustine was the first to offer a systematic synthesis of ancient philosophy with biblical truth, and as Aristotle’s realism was a response to Plato’s idealism, Thomas Aquinas’ scholasticism was similarly a response to Augustine’s Christian liberal arts.  Though it has been nearly two millennia since this North African monk and bishop wrote and established his order of learning communities, Augustine’s writings and his life example continue to provide a relevant model for educators both theoretically and practically.    
  • Augustine,
  • Philosophy of Education,
  • Neoplatonism
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Samuel J. Smith. "Augustine: Learning in Community" (2018)
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